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Reviving, restoring,  and returning to our  communities 

Responding to the social and spiritual needs of women and children.

Where hope meets the community. Reshaping the lives of many.

Life Outreach Restoration Center (LORC) is a progressive community outreach program that seeks to provide a safe haven from the negative elements within our society through giving programs, support groups and educational enrichment initiatives. We use a restorative approach to eradicate a downward spiral by engaging the families we serve in programs that impact. 

Why we do it.

Time and again, families seek a place for refuge, revitalization, and restoration. Our singular purpose is to serve as that vital resource within our communities.


How we serve.

Defining HER.png

Defining HER weekly support groups are designed to give moms a space to learn, grow and glow together.

GFTH (2).png

Giving From the Heart meets the needs families experiencing hardships and exceed their expectations by providing toys and clothes to children.

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Glorious Summer Camp have served over 400 children in the since 2013 providing scholars with enrichment programs focusing on math, reading, and technology.

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