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Defining HER 

Building community through focused conversations. A space for moms to be and become.

Our program mission.

DefiningHER weekly support groups create a community for moms parenting alone to feel seen, heard, and loved.

Over a six-week period, our mothers engage in an extensive program that covers topics such as self-care, relationships, overcoming challenges, and wealth management.


Not just changing, but 


Our weekly sessions provide participants with practical tools and resources that not only contribute to their personal growth but also revolutionize their perspective on life.

Here's how we show up for


Small group focused conversations. Our goal is to foster a community of empowerment and transparency. Our 30-minute Small Group Sessions provide an opportunity for each Table Lead to guide a discussion among a group of 5-6 women, drawing on the weekly curriculum.


"Short Talks" led by women in our communities. Each Short-Talk Session lasts 25-30 minutes, giving the weekly speaker an opportunity to share their experiences or provide encouragement to the group


Fun activities that fosters fellowship and community.  We are committed to the holistic development of women - mind, body, and soul. In collaboration with local women, we dedicate time to movement and breathing exercises that relieve stress and provide enjoyment.


Dinner and childcare are included. Attention moms, these sessions are designed with you in mind! We'll provide dinner for both you and your children. Professional caregivers will be on-site to look after your little ones, allowing you to fully engage in the sessions.

Program requirements.


Must be a single mom residing in the Charlotte community or surrounding areas


Must be committed to weekly sessions over the course of 6-weeks

Moms, we're here for you.

Our support groups are here to assist you in any way you need—be it a sounding board, a safe space, or a shoulder to lean on. We are here to help.

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