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Who we are.

For the past 14 years, the Life Outreach Restoration Center has been a beacon of hope for families in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg communities. Our unwavering mission is to address the social and spiritual needs of women and children.

We are Life Outreach Restoration Center.

The Life Outreach Restoration Center is a place of refuge, restoration, and revitalization. We strive to assist the surrounding communities with life resources such as food, clothing, and family support as well as provide training workshops to develop and sharpen the necessary skills in today’s world. We believe all individuals deserve a chance to shape their lives and their environment in a way that produces peace, creativity, financial stability, and work ethic. It is our desire to see a positive change in every individual we assist as well as the surrounding community. 

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we are dedicated to uplifting the lives of women and children that may need a helping hand. We believe in the power of pay it forward and we hope to encourage others to join us in our efforts.

Our core competencies.

About anchor

Meet the team.

Empathetic. Passionate. Dedicated.

Our team is committed to our fundamental mission of serving as a valuable resource for our community. We approach this responsibility with seriousness and are deeply passionate about supporting the individuals and families we assist.

Don't just take it from us. Hear from some of the families we've served.

Caroline G. Charlotte, NC

Great place and a great chance to sow philanthropy! One of East Charlotte's hidden gems for families that are facing many struggles and need help. 
Image by Erika Giraud

Partner with us.

Our partners, donors, and sponsors, such as yourself, are instrumental in fulfilling our mission and shaping a brighter future for those we serve. Our collective efforts support the local community and nurture the children who will become our future leaders. We invite you to align with our work, cause, and mission. United, we can achieve greater good for the coming generations.

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